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Bed bugs are often associated with uncleanliness. While the bugs themselves are a very dirt bug that cause major issues, anyone is capable of getting them in their home. These tiny bugs are known as hitchikers. They move between homes, cities and even countries for free and it is all thanks to us, human beings. They hop on our clothing, hide under a shirt collar or fold and ride until it gets dark again or they fall off. Often times not coming off until we are at home and throw our clothes into a hamper. Bed bugs will naturally crawl toward us as we are their food source. They like to travel in the dark as they do not like the light and will most likely be hiding where we sleep at night, hence the name, bed bugs.

bed bug control in NW Houston

While you may not be seeing bedbugs but experiencing bites, it is relatively easy to do a self inspection. While bedbugs can hide in very small cracks in headboards and sometimes be very hard to see, most often they are in the tufts and seems of mattresses or folds of lines just to try and stay out of the light. Many times they may be a little deeper in the bed on the underside of the boxspring or behind headboards or nightstands.

Some may remember the use of DDT in the United States. A pesticide that was banned many years ago. The United States had eraticated bedbugs and had no issues for a long time but as international travel has become easier and easier, we have seen bedbugs come back in full force. Hotels and airlines deal with bedbug issues regularly due to the amount of overseas travel. Knowing how to look for bedbugs and where to inspect when you or your loved ones travel will go a long way in helping to keep bedbugs out of your home.

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Eliminating bedbugs once you have them is not as easy as buying a bottle off the shelf at your local store that says "eliminates Bedbugs". Often times people spend countless hours and loads of money on DIY solutions only to hand over their problems eventually to someone that has the tools and the training to do the job right. While we applaud the efforts, always, we will always recommend that you call us for help. We've done thousands of jobs just like yours and we are great at eliminating bedbugs in all situations.

At Guard Pest Control, we have years of experience and thousands of jobs under our belt with the knowledge and tools to get you back to being pest free.

If you are experiencing potential bedbug issues, give us a call today!

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Our Bed Bug Elimination Service

If bed bugs are keeping you up at night, there’s only one solution: contact a professional pest control provider for help. Guard Pest Control has years of experience helping home and business owners in NW Houston eliminate bed bugs from their property. We are committed to continuous training and are always learning ways to make life easier on you, the customer. Our process has evolved over the years to become one of the best processes for bed bug elimination as it not only eliminates the current infestation but also has residual properties to eliminate future infestations as well. Not only that but it also is the least cumbersome to you the customer than any process we have seen thus far. We are proud of our process and have rave reviews because of it.

"At Guard Pest Control, we provide and guarantee complete bed bug elimination."

When you contact us and schedule an appointment, one of our certified technicians will visit your home to complete a thorough inspection of your bed bug situation. They will develop a plan to begin treatment with you so that you are prepared and will walk you through each step of the process. Our desire is to make you as comfortable as possible in an already uncomfortable situation. We are always available to answer any questions and we are here if you have any concerns at all. Just give us a call, we would love to help!

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All of our methods are backed by recent research findings, ensuring that our detection methods leave nothing missed or inaccurately identified and ensuring we leave your residence completely pest free. It is always our goal to take care of you, the customer, first. We want you to rave about our service when we are done so we want the experience to be as painless as possible for you and for you to be fully aware of the process.

Inspect.protecting homes in NW Houston

Guard Pest Control prides themselves on bedbug detection. While there are companies that offer dogs and other methods to detect bedbugs, we have been turned off to the practice due to the amount of variables in results. We trust our eyes and our flashlights and we know what we are looking for. If you have bedbugs, we're not just looking for bugs but also fecal spotting, skin casts and even eggs.

Correct.protecting homes in NW Houston

Our eco-friendly green and low-prep, non-chemical bed bug treatment methods use the latest and most effective bio-pesticide products available on the market, ensuring an end to your bed bug problem without leaving your family at risk. Treatments are applied strategically and safely, following product labels and guidelines.

Protect.protecting homes in NW Houston

The Guard Pest Control Proprietary Treatment Process is a complete bed bug treatment program and is guaranteed. Treatments are designed to minimize the need for costly re-treatments by preventing future infestations. Elimination, not "control".

Don’t make the mistake of attempting to fight your bed bug problem by yourself.

Contact the pest professionals at Guard Pest Control for help, and find out why NW Houston and surrounding area home and business owners call us first when the bed bugs bite.

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review by customer in Katy, TX

Joe was AMAZING. He was very professional and was able to come inspect our house within less than 24 hours of my initial request. He was thorough in searching our house for our rodent issue and it was apparent that he is an expert. He explained everything to us in a respectful manner and helped us come up with a "game plan" on how to prevent the rodent issue from ever happening again. I will be recommending him to everyone I know who needs an exterminator!!


Katy, Texas

review by customer in Spring, TX

Joe was very helpful and informative. He not only did a very detailed inspection of my home, he also taught us what to look for in the future as well as what steps we can take in our travels to help prevent bringing these insects home.
Thankfully we were bed bug free, however, I would have gladly used his services if needed. The process he uses for extermination is superior to any other company I contacted before we chose this company. I will recommend this company to my friends and family for their exceptional services.


Spring, TX

review by customer in Spring, TX

Joe was so friendly and I haven’t seen any ants since the extermination! Thanks Joe! 😃


Spring, TX

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