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Cockroaches can get in your home under doors, gaps in window seals, cracks in the foundation, chimneys and a variety of other ways. These large cockroaches that you may find every so often sneaking in are not the cockroaches that you have to worry about. The German Cockroach is the main cockroach that you should worry about in your home. While the others can be unsightly and we definitely don't like seeing them , its the German Cockroach that can multiply quickly and overtake your home. These types of cockroaches most often require a pest professional like Guard Pest Control to get rid of them. These cockroaches are not coming in from outside but are brought into your home. These cockroaches are called hitchhikers as they travel in personal belongings or other items to and from each place that they infest.

Our Cockroach Control Offerings

For the exterior cockroaches, a perimeter treatment around your home will take care of most of those issues. Keeping yard debris cleaned up and not over watering plants can really help to keep these populations to a minimum. The indoor cockroaches are a different story and there are a ton of over the counter products that you can purchase to assist you in getting rid of them, but these products can worsen the problem if they're not used properly.

cockroaches in Houston

At Guard Pest Control. we specialize in eliminating cockroaches and doing it quickly. Ourbi-monthly pest treatment programs are the perfect option for eliminating an existing cockroach problem on the exterior and help keep it from coming back and our interior treatments for German Cockroaches is by far the best the industry has to offer. We flush the cockroaches out of their hiding spots and eliminate them on site. Our treatments will have you cockroach free and are backed by a guarantee.

If you have a current problem at your home or business, make sure to call the

Houston pest control experts at Guard Pest Control today! Our process of Inspect. Correct. and Protect. are guaranteed to get to the root of the problem and attack it at the source keeping your home pest free. All of our cockroach services are backed by a guarantee to help you feel secure in your decision in choosing Guard Pest Control.

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What Can You Expect With Cockroach Control
From Guard Pest Control

Guard Pest Control follows a tried-and-tested three step
process for cockroach control in homes and businesses we represent.
The process is as follows:

Inspect.inspections in NW Houston

Our licensed and certified technicians are ready to help you get to the bottom of your ant problem. For german cockroaches we will inspect your home to determina all areas where cockroaches may be hiding. Where there are cockroaches there are also signs of "frass" or fecal matter that they leave behind. Cockroaches like to hide in tight cracks and crevices and try to avoid the light. Most often times they will populate areas near a food and water source. Typically a kitchen or a bathroom in a home.

Correct.making structural repairs in NW Houston

Once the proper course of action is determined, we will notify you of any potential structural or sanitation issues that may be contributing to the cockroach issue. While some of these things may be very minor, some of them could also be pretty substantial. We can help put together a proposal for any repairs or cleanup projects that may be needed.

Protect.protecting homes in NW Houston

We will treat and flush all areas deemed to be potential harborage spots and flush them out of hiding. This eliminates the cockroaches on-site. We will eliminate all the adult population and schedule a follow up visit to eliminate the potential cockroaches that were in the egg stage during the initial treatment. Normally about a week later. If there are any cockroaches noted after the follow-up service, we will be back out to treat - for free!

If you have German Cockroaches in your home, they will continue to grow in population. Don’t wait: put a stop to them today with help from Guard Pest Control.

Tips You Can Use To Prevent Exterior Cockroaches Around Your Houston Property

Although there is no surefire way to eliminate cockroaches from ever entering your home without the use of pesticides, we have developed some best practices that you can use to reduce the risk of ants and many other common pests. Follow these reccomendations:

  • Clean up yard debris/leaves on a regular basis
  • Avoid over watering plants and eliminate standing water
  • Keep trees and bushes trimmed up off of the ground
  • Seal cracks and crevices in window seals, foundation
  • Make sure your doors are sealed tightly on the bottom and sides
  • Don’t leave pet food and water bowls out overnight

For interior cockroaches, the best course of action is to inspect items before bringing them into your home. Although you won't know when to inspect as you don't know what establishment or product has cockroaches in the first place, the best course of action is to react quickly when you find any cockroach. Give us a call and get the problem taken care of quickly before it gets out of hand.

german cockroach infestation in NW Houston

While these steps can go a long way in keeping exterior cockroaches away from the interior of your home, there is still a chance you may get these unwanted pests. When this happens, it may be time to get a treatment.
Guard Pest Control is always just a phone call away and we are happy to help you maintain a pest free home. We offer one-time treatments for cockroaches but always recommend our bi-monthly preventative services so that you never have to worry about pests in your home.

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review by customer in Katy, TX

Joe was AMAZING. He was very professional and was able to come inspect our house within less than 24 hours of my initial request. He was thorough in searching our house for our rodent issue and it was apparent that he is an expert. He explained everything to us in a respectful manner and helped us come up with a "game plan" on how to prevent the rodent issue from ever happening again. I will be recommending him to everyone I know who needs an exterminator!!


Katy, Texas

review by customer in Spring, TX

Joe was very helpful and informative. He not only did a very detailed inspection of my home, he also taught us what to look for in the future as well as what steps we can take in our travels to help prevent bringing these insects home.
Thankfully we were bed bug free, however, I would have gladly used his services if needed. The process he uses for extermination is superior to any other company I contacted before we chose this company. I will recommend this company to my friends and family for their exceptional services.


Spring, TX

review by customer in Spring, TX

Joe was so friendly and I haven’t seen any ants since the extermination! Thanks Joe! 😃


Spring, TX

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