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At Guard Pest Control, we have years of experience dealing with some of the more complex issues with pests as they relate to commercial properties in NW Houston, Katy, Cypress, Spring and The Woodlands. We are experts at eliminating common pests of all shapes and sizes, including ants, cockroaches, rodents, and more!

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We Understand Your Industry’s Pest Pressures

Guard Pest Control has a proven track record of elimination when it comes to pests and your business and that is what you are looking for. A company to partner with you to keep your brand safe and keep you focused on your business. We use the best equipment and products to eliminate issues quickly and train our staff regularly on new and improved integrated pest management practices.

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The team at Guard Pest Control understands the importance of keeping your brand and your reputation safe. Word of mouth in regard to pest issues can travel quickly, especially in light of social media and everyone being a personal photographer and having a video recorder on them at all times. You don't want your business to go viral for a pest issue. We take this seriously and want to partner with you on keeping a clean reputation for your business and keeping the pests out. We also offer training to our customers to help them stay ahead of pest issues by teaching staff on correcting sanitation, structural issues and best practices.

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Experience in commercial? We have experience in all facets of commercial work, from strip malls, multi-unit housing, restaurants, warehouses, schools, churches and food retail to manufacturing and production facilities and distribution warehouses. We value our experience in the industry and you will too. We also value our customers! You will see the difference when you choose Guard Pest Control.

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Why Houston Area Businesses
Love Guard Pest Control

When you contact Guard Pest Control for help, we will work with you to develop a plan that makes sense for your business. We will focus on the current issue and acheive elimination quickly as well as develop a plan to stay pest free. We will also communicate through the process so that you know exactly what is going on every step of the way.

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We have a proven track record delivering great service and excellent results to customers throughout the greater Houston area. Our knowledgeable service technicians have the experience you need to take care of your business.

Our technicians will also provide you with recommendations to ensure future infestations are never an issue for your business. We offer straightforward up-front pricing with no hidden fees for all pest control and extermination services, and we stand behind every treatment we perform, offering a guarantee for our work.

  • Customized solutions for your property
  • Straightforward pricing with no hidden fees
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • 15% Customer discount for pests not covered under protection plan
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Facilities We Service

➤Multi-Family Housing

If you need assistance in muli-unit retail and are looking to provide your tenants with security from pest pressure, give Guard Pest Control a call today. Our technicians have the training and the knowledge to protect your building from rodents and insects. We offer services to help keep rodent populations down as a reduced insect population with preventative treatments at entry points.

If you are looking for a quote for your multi-unit retail building, please call us and we will come out and offer you a quote, free of charge. If you need help with a rodent issue, we can help with that too. Give us a call and we will set up a comprehensive survey of your property and help you eliminate all entry points as well as eliminate any rodents that you may have inside. All it takes is a phone call. Don't delay.


When someone thinks of pest problems at a hotel, one of the number one things that people think of is bedbugs. Bedbugs have been a major upset to the hotel industry for years and bedbugs gone untreated have led to entire building fumigations that cost hotels thousands of dollars as well as their reputation. Bedbugs aren't the only thing that hotels deal with. Due to the fear of bedbugs and the average persons fear of getting bedbugs, carpet beetles and other insects come into play as well and customer complaints come in from guests because they simply don't know what they are seeing. Not to mention bites. Guests wake up with new bug bites on their body and the first thing that they think of is bedbugs. More often than not, they received the bites the night before but didn't have the reaction until they woke up in the morning. Either way, they are calling the front desk worried about bedbugs. Guard Pest Control has over 10 years of experience dealing with bedbug cases of varying degrees and the knowledge and skills to eliminate any issues.

Hotels alos are very common for dealing with ant issues. Ants have been known to travel the length of a football field to get to a food source. Guests will drop some crumbs on the ground or leave an open container on a nighstand and before you know it, a room can be crawling with ants. These ants are more often than not coming from the outside. We can help determine where they are coming from and get rid of the colony so that they don't just move to other rooms. All too often we see technicians treat a room and move on and don't go to the source of the problem. Ants are another major pest issue in the hotel industry and at Guard Pest Control, we have the training and experience to eliminate your current issues as well as take a preventative approach to avoid ant issues as well. We will work with you to develop a plan for preventative services.

Hotels can also deal with rodents and cockroaches. Guests can bring cockroaches into rooms just as they can bring bedbugs in. If you have a kitchen in your hotel, the risk is even greater for a german cockroach problem, even if its just a small breakfast kitchen. Rodents will be attracted to these places as well as long as they can get into the facility. Entry points can come from a variety of sources. Laundry area vents, air conditioning lines, missing or worn door sweeps and of course, open doors. Having regularly serviced bait stations outside to keep rodent populations down and eliminate rodents near your hotel can keep them from getting inside as well. We can help you to prevent rodent problems as well as help you eliminate any rodents that may have already gotten inside.

Give us a call today to get a free quote and we will partner with you to keep your hotel pest free.

➤Medical Offices

Pests bring a number of complications to the medical field. Medical offices house vulnerable people that could be put at risk by the presence of rodents, bed bugs, or other pests, and the damage they cause can create health hazards for everyone inside. Keep your medical office happy and healthy with help from Guard Pest Control.

➤Schools & Childcare Facilities

Schools and childcare facilities can be a hotbed for certain pests such as bed bugs, especially as the children inside don’t realize they are helping them spread. Guard Pest Control can help protect your school, daycare, or other childcare facility so that pests never become a problem in the first place, saving you a lot of headaches in the process - not to mention calls from concerned parents.

➤Commercial Kitchens/Restaurants

Commercial kitchens in the greater Houston area all seem to struggle with cockroaches at some point. Cockroaches are the number one pest that gets restaurants closed down from the health department and costs businesses money and their reputation. At Guard, we have the experience to keep you pest free and to eliminate pests quickly. With over 10 years of experience in the commercial space and a track record of success, we're confident in our ability to take care of your business.

German cockroaches are hitchhikers. They get to your place of business by riding in an associates clothing, in carboard boxes, food deliveries and the like. People are the common thread in cockroach infestations. People that have infestations at their homes or at their places of business spread them to you. There are other cockroaches (Asian, Oriental, American) that can come through your front or back doors but those ones aren't as worrisome as they are less likely to survive indoors and don't reproduce as quickly. There are plenty of chemicals out there that can kill cockroaches but trying to buy a chemical from the store and do the job yourself can cause you more problems if you don't know what the chemical is for. Some chemicals make cockroaches not go near an area and using that type of chemical in a current infestation can cause your problem to spread throughout your restaurant. Using a chemical that cockroaches are unawawre of is key. You want them to walk freely through the product and end up ingesting it when they eat. Baits are a great tool to use but they totally rely on proximity and placement. If you are nowhere near the infestation, you will be less likely to have success with a baiting program alone. At Guard, we have the tools and the experience to get rid of cockroach problems quickly.

Rodents are the other major concern in restaurants. Rats and mice are attracted to your facilities because of all the great food that goes out the back door and into your dumpsters. Often times, in warmer seasons, doors are left open to keep staff cooler and it leaves your business susceptible to rats and mice. If you are in a strip mall, there is a myriad of ways that rodents can get into your space. Other retailers are not thinking about your business when they keep their doors open or when they are doing construction projects. All too often we deal with roof rats that get into facilities through pipes or holes drilled for construction projects on the roof that were not sealed properly. Rodents can breed very quickly and cause major problems for your business. Getting after a problem quickly and aggressively is the key. Rodents not only cause problems by getting into your food supply but they can also tear up the ceiling with droppings, ripping down ceiling insulation or wall insulation and chewing up wires for phone, internet and security. Not to mention setting off alarms in some cases.

Guard Pest Control is ready to take on your pest issues so that you can focus on delivering great food to your guests and not worry about the pests. Leave that to us! Let us come out and give you a quote for your business.

➤Warehouse and Manufacturing

Warehouse spaces with pests, we can help here too. If you own a multi-unit warehouse space that you provide pest control for, we can do that! If you operate a business in a warehouse space and need additional support, we can do that too. Often times warehouse space provides a certain amount of pest control on the exterior of the building but does not take responsibility for pests that get inside the building. In these cases, the health department or other third party auditors will want to see record of your businesses pest control program. Certain auditors, depending on what your business is will want to see specific requirements being met in order for you to be compliant with their protocols. We can help here too. We have knowledge of these requirements and can get your business set up for success.

Warehouses that store food or food storage containers or ingredients for food are going to have a lot more requirements than those that are shipping and receiving non-food items but that doesn't mean that you're out of the woods with pest problems. Shelter is another main reason that rodents want to be inside and if you have employees, you have food sources being brough to your building every day. All of these lead to potential pest issues. Employee breakrooms are often major sources of cockroach problems, especially when there are employee lockers. Regular cleanouts of these areas will go a long way in identifying a problem before it gets out of hand.

Common issues in large warehouses are doors being left open. Often times employees will prop open doors that they use continuously so that they can get in and out easier. Break room doors often have this happen as well for those that go outside and need to gain entry back into the facility. A walk around the warehouse to help identify any pest entry points is very helpful. Any hole larger than the tip of a ballpoint pen is large enough for a mouse to get in and should be sealed. Doing this regularly will help eliminate pest entry through a random hole around a water spigot seal or vent. Door sweeps should be checked regularly and replaced or adjusted if there is any amount of light coming through between the seal plate and the sweep. If you would like help in ensuring that your building is rodent proof and sealed, we can help with that too. This would include making sure all the trees are trimmed back away from the building and that all potential holes are sealed on the roof as well.

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Pest control services from Guard Pest Control are designed with your safety and comfort in mind. Our team utilizes the latest in pest control technology and techniques in our service, and we are committed to minimizing the use of chemicals in and around your home, family, and business. Your pest control technician will work with you to correct environmental factors around your home that create conditions favorable to pests to help ensure lasting pest control solutions for your home and peace of mind for your family.

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review by customer in Katy, TX

Joe was AMAZING. He was very professional and was able to come inspect our house within less than 24 hours of my initial request. He was thorough in searching our house for our rodent issue and it was apparent that he is an expert. He explained everything to us in a respectful manner and helped us come up with a "game plan" on how to prevent the rodent issue from ever happening again. I will be recommending him to everyone I know who needs an exterminator!!


Katy, Texas

review by customer in Spring, TX

Joe was very helpful and informative. He not only did a very detailed inspection of my home, he also taught us what to look for in the future as well as what steps we can take in our travels to help prevent bringing these insects home.
Thankfully we were bed bug free, however, I would have gladly used his services if needed. The process he uses for extermination is superior to any other company I contacted before we chose this company. I will recommend this company to my friends and family for their exceptional services.


Spring, TX

review by customer in Spring, TX

Joe was so friendly and I haven’t seen any ants since the extermination! Thanks Joe! 😃


Spring, TX

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